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Avatar Genie Pro Review – Overview


Product Name: Avatar Genie Pro.

ButtonSCreator: June Ashley.

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ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 06 – 03 at 09:00 AM EST.


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Introduction to Avatar Genie Pro

Are you tired with old days and too traditional promotion tools?

Are you stuck in finding a newer and more attractive way of advertising your product?

You own a website and you want something to make it stands out but you do not know what to do?

Do not worry, I myself had stuck in the same situation when I tried to run my own company which sells digital products. I can think of a very fancy name but it was so hard for me to make up a nice character represents my company. At that time, it was also difficult for me to advertise my products because the ad images we made did not attractive. Then I considered hiring a professional designer and it costed me over $2000 but I was still not comfortable with the symbol he created. So, today I present to you a product that I wish I could know it earlier, so that I could save a lot of money as well as time and effort. Do not make the same mistake that I made, trust me, it is very terrible. The product is Avatar Genie Pro. This Avatar Genie Pro review is going to go through the product in details and state why you need it.

Avatar Genie Pro Review – Author

Edmund Loh is the man behind Avatar Genie Pro. He is a Malaysian marketer who has been doing online marketing since 2005. He has already made six-figure online. In Malaysia as well as through out the marketing community, he is considered to be the best guru. He was a main guest speaker at the Global Internet Summit in Penang, Malaysia. Let’s dive into his newest product in this Avatar Genie Pro review.

Avatar Genie Pro Review – What is it?

This awesome tool is a web-based product that helps you create your own character or symbols for your own purposes. You can use it create a symbol for your business, or a cartoon character. You can make some cute and attractive pictures to promote your product. Or simply you just want to create something for fun, you can definitely use Avatar Genie Pro. Continue reading my Avatar Genie Pro review for more information on this must-have product.

Avatar Genie Pro Review. Here, you can build your own cartoon characters from its numerous library of hairstyles, costumes, poses, and more than them.

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Avatar Genie Pro Review – Why it is awesome?

A lot of people when it comes to buying a software, they worry about the software is not supported for their platforms. Avatar Genie Pro runs on web-based platform, and that means everyone can run it, no matter what platform you are on. Yes, I am serious, all you need is a computer connected to the Internet and a web browser and that’s it. You may ask me that you do not know anything about drawing and you have never ever experienced drawing a cartoon

character before. Well it is not a big deal for Avatar Genie Pro. It already has a very huge and beautiful template category for you to play with, you can choose your own costumes, poses, hairstyles,… So is it hard to interact with these elements? No, not at all, what you need to do is point n click and you get the work done, simple as that. Now take your time, sit down, take a cup of coffee and start designing. Because you know, you are one step above your competitors. You only need minutes for ads image while they need hours. In the next part of Avatar Genie Pro review, I will mention some example of purposes.

Avatar Genie Pro Review – Some Examples

> Representing your business

It is always a good idea to make a good symbol to represent your business. It makes you stand out others.

> Product cover

Your product will never be attractive without a beautiful cover, do not worry, this tool can handle it in just minutes.

> Website

Running your own website or blog is amazing. But a fancy banner is more interesting. Avatar Genie Pro is the product you are looking for.

> Logo

Making logo could probably be the most difficult problem that company owners face. You need a tool to tackle this problem and that is Avatar Genie Pro.

> Packaging

Having a nice product is not enough, you also need a nice box for it, creating a attractive box is not a big deal with Avatar Genie Pro.

> Advertisement

Trust me, I have been doing advertising for years, I deeply understand why image ads is a big problem for most of the advertisers. Luckily now I have my Avatar Genie Pro. It saves me a lot of my valuable time.

> Marketing materials

You cannot just come over a potential customer and make them buy your product without any image or attractive poster. You need something to prove that your product is valuable and worth the money.

Avatar Genie Pro Review – Consider buying it?

Yes, definitely, you need it for the rest of your marketing life. After reading my Avatar Genie Pro review, you now deeply how valuable the product is. You are going to run over your competitors. While they are designing the ad image, you have already been running your ad campaign. The rest of your time you can spend it with your family, take them somewhere, play with your kids. Or you can learn something new.

Avatar Genie Pro Review – Final Thoughts

Congratulation on reading my Avatar Genie Pro review to here. In summary, I want to let you know this product as a secret. Actually I got a version of this software because I am a beta tester. I have to tell you, this product is incredible, I was able to create fancy thing that I could not even imagine, notice that I do not know anything about designing. Now it’s your turn, after reading my Avatar Genie Pro review, what you need is grab it now, don’t be late because your competitor my grab it before you.


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